Monday, July 30, 2018

Just a bunch of pups to brighten your day

Where have all the puppies gone?

Here at Hero Labradors, we are constantly busy:  we have a kennel to run, property to maintain, dogs and puppies to breed, raise, and deliver, and a multitude of other things to keep us busy.  In the military, we call that mission creep--the things which must be done to function, but tend to sap strength away from the objective.

One of those things has been keeping track of our pups, once they have gone on to other things.  I'm going to rectify that as best I can, by making a simple list of the organizations we've donated pups to, and if they have a page for our pup, sharing that as well.

The pups will be listed by their Hero Labradors name, with their recipient organization name in parenthesis, to keep the confusion to a minimum.  (FYI, many recipients name their pups based on sponsorship, and so a pup we deliver may very well have it's call name changed, but it's Hero Labradors name will be forever on its pedigree, and THAT is unchangeable.)

So, here we go, in chronological order by litter:

  • Hero Labradors Polar Bear--remains with Hero Labradors as our stud and sire. 
  • Hero Labradors Wrinkles (Pete)--became a demonstration dog of Service tasks and capabilities for Dogs Helping Heroes in Jeffersonville, IN.
  • Hero Labradors Fuzzy Butt (Ramsey) is finishing up his training at Patriot PAWS in Rockwall, TX and will graduate soon!

  • Hero Labradors Ranger is in his forever home with a military family, where he is already learning tasks and will be a tremendous service and emotional support dog!
  • Hero Labradors Lord (Wilson) is in his forever home with a veteran, who was a Military Working Dog handler and will train him to meet his service needs.
  • Hero Labradors Brisket (Jasper) is with his puppy raiser art Smoky Mountain Labradors in Lenoir, Tennessee, and already stealing hearts (and treats, probably).
  • Hero Labradors Bowie is with K9sForWarriors in Ponte Vedra Florida, with his puppy raiser family.  He is the 4th pup they have raised!
Hero Labradors Belle is soon to be united with her forever home.

As I get more info or updates on these pups, I will try to maintain this page.


Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Grace update 25 April

Stitches are out!!!  Cone is off!!

...and she started her first heat.  Which I expect means Willow will start hers soon too.

Which means three weeks of Polar Bear being nuts, and having to keep them separated.

But Grace is looking GREAT!

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

SciFi Fans: New auction items

We have two new auction items!

First, SciFi goodness from one of my favorite SciFi authors (and I read a LOT of SciFi.)

Michael Z. Williamson was kind enough to autograph and donate two books for us to add to the auction:

Mad Mike is good people.  aside from writing, he also likes guns and makes sharp pointy things.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Grace Update 4/17

Grace continues to do well on the new antibiotics.

Her incision site is still "angry" at some of the stitches, but as the infection recedes, we expect that to calm down as well.

Still eating and in good spirits.  She'll get another kidney function test tomorrow as well, to ensure the antibiotics aren't causing any damage.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Grace Update 4/16... doubleplus ungood news

Grace's infection isn't healing well... so she needs at least 3 days in hospital again, with IV antibiotics.

We're pulling out the big guns, and the danger is there is a possibility of kidney damage.  I had the option of giving her shots at home, and bringing her back in 3 day intervals for urinalysis to check kidney function, but IV meds are better for her in terms of effectiveness of the medicine and really pushing fluids to keep her kidneys working.  So the smart choice is hospital stay and IVs.  As far as cost goes...

It's Grace.  We'll pay it.  Too many good years (and puppies) ahead of her. 


Grace update 4/16

Grace update 16 April

Grace's infection is challenging.  Won't just die.  Probably going to need to switch to heavier artillery... which I'm all about--nuke it from space, as it were.

On the physical recovery side, she's a model patient, using the leg, putting weight on it, and ready to start 5 minute walks 3x a day. 

Saturday, April 14, 2018

An Update on Hero Labradors Fuzzy Butt!

As you may know, Hero Labradors' little Fuzzy Butt (they call him Ramsey) is in training at Patriot Paws in Rockwall Texas.  They are kind enough to send us updates on his progress, and this installment is really exciting!

Friday, April 13, 2018

Calling all Bidders!

Hero Labradors is auctioning off naming rights for our upcoming litter! (And other fun stuff too, so check back often!)

First Auction will be for the Naming Theme.  The winner will get to select the theme as well as the name of the first pup in the litter.

The next five auctions will be for naming rights (within the theme selected) of the next five pups.

(If we have pups that don't make it, naming rights will be held for our next litter, although a different theme may be selected.)

For instance:

The Theme winner decides on the Theme "All American Badasses" and selects the name "Mattis."
Puppy #1 is registered with AKC as "Hero Labradors Mattis"

Winner #2 chooses the name "ChuckZ"
Puppy #2 is registered with AKC as "Hero Labradors ChuckZ"

Winner #3 Chooses the name "TomBrady"
Puppy #3 is registered with AKC as "Hero Labradors PatTillman"

(Just kidding, I'll hold my nose and fill out the paperwork.)

This is a great opportunity to help us with the birthing costs (likely $1500 C-section for Nani) and whelping costs, and a great opportunity for businesses to show support as well!

Winners will receive an official color copy of the AKC Pedigree (suitable for framing) and our eternal thanks.