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There are a TON of ways to contact us.

If you are a breeder interested in helping us (and boy, could we use the help) PLEASE drop me a line at  Things you can help out with:

  • Donating pups for service dog training.  After passing assessment, we'll accept your pups at 8 weeks and keep them for up to 16 more weeks to get them linked up with training organizations across the country.  We do have specific health and pedigree requirements, so please let us know.
  • Donating stud services.  Have dams, will travel.  Or can have transcervical insemination done locally.
  • Donating Bitches:  We'd like to expand to up to six girls.  If you have a girl nearing or over 2 years of age, with completed OFA, CERF, and DNA testing, Unlimited AKC registration, and full pedigree, and want to donate her, PLEASE get in touch.  
  • Equipment donation:  Runs, beds, anything you can think of to make our operation better.
If you are a business and want to help us out in any way, please drop us a line at and someone will get in touch with you within two business days (probably within the same day, but I do need some wiggle room.)

If you are a service dog trainer or represent a training program, and are interested in receiving one of our pups, please contact us for expected/upcoming litter information and our requirements for donating to your program. 

If you are looking to donate items or financially support us, first, Thank You.  please contact us at

I can also be reached at (708) 824-8259.  This is a google voice service that forwards to my personal cell phone. 

You can also contact us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

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