Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Need gift ideas? Stocking Stuffers? Just want to support Hero Labradors AND show your pride?

New shirts and towels ARE HERE!

Just in time for the holidays:

Shirts:  "Prairie Dust"  (Looks like a brownish olive drab to me) in both 100% cotton or  moisture wicking.  Supposedly the same color as the undershirt for the multicam/OCP uniform undershirt.

Spirit Towels:  Great for waving at Steelers, Green Bay, or other football games, look great on a golf bag or bowling bag, also great for burping babies, wiping a bar, bearing down on while someone removes a bullet in a back alley, you know, stuff we all generally use hand towels for.

Cotton  $20.00  
Moisture Wicking  $24.00  
Sizes range from XL to 3XL (I only have 2 each of 2 XL and 3XL)
Towels: $10

Message on Facebook me with your order: (example)

You:  "Hey Chuck!  I want 3 XL moisture wicking shirts and a towel!"
Me:  "Super!  That comes to $82.  Where do you want them sent?"
You:  Send them to: 

Your Name
Your mailing Address

Me:  Awesome.  As soon as I see your donation hit at, I'm stuffing these in a mailer and driving to the post office!

No Facebook?  No problem!  Text your message to our order department at 502-724-6043

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