Monday, April 3, 2017

Emergency Vet trip

Polar Bear is home.  Happy and healthy, and no worse for the wear.  Seems he got into a discarded bag of Ortho bug-b-gone and licked the dregs.

Luckily, it was 98% empty. 

$137 for an exam, overnight stay with IV, and catheter  (that'll teach him.)

Polar Bear is weak and shaky.  Unsteady when standing and walking.
No idea what happened/what he got into/what got at him.
No vomiting or diarrhea or fever.  Vet says it fits with a toxin given the sudden onset.  Could be something he ate, (noxious plant) or got into (but just like babies, we keep dangerous stuff up and away.)
They're putting him on IV fluids and keeping him overnight.
Hopefully this doesn't wipe out our bank account.
I'll update when I kniw more.

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