Sunday, January 1, 2017

501c3 status confirmed!

The good:
IRS confirmed we are a charity!
Set up PayPal to accept donations!
Filled out request through T-mobile for equipment and bandwidth grant to bring more and better content and raise awareness!

The bad:
Need to set up a checking account with an actual bank to receive funds.  Going to Wells Fargo tomorrow.
Tried to e-file taxes for 2016.  IRS is offline through the 8th.  (It's literally a postcard though, so I don't forecast any issues.)
Need to wrangle with the state to alleviate us from the franchise tax (since we're a nonprofit.)

Ugh... paperwork. I just want to raise dogs for wounded warriors!

Thanks to Mark and Ricky for guiding me through the paperwork, and to Patti for so much advice. (And for recording our first donation!)

The very, very good (I know, burying the lede)
On the 3rd I'm making a 1800-mile round trip to deliver Pete to Dogs Helping Heroes in Jeffersonville, Indiana.  That's 66% of the litter going to be serving our wounded warriors and disabled veterans, with NO COST to them or the training programs for the dogs.  (I'm keeping 1 pup to continue to breed.)

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